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EXTREME brought together some of the most knowledgeable and passionate professionals in showbiz. Always creative and focused, our fantastic crew members spared no effort to make EXTREME a must-see production. To learn more about our cast and crew, take a look at some of their stories below.

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Anne Mulhall

Director and Writer

Anne Mulhall is a Rhode Island native and long time casting director, playwright and theater director. Some highlights of Anne's career include work on Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated MOONRISE KINGDOM, the Peabody Award winning Showtime television series BROTHERHOOD, Fox's MADtv as well as casting for some of the biggest names in the business, Woody Allen, Wes Anderson, Henry Brommel, just to name a few. Anne has always had a passion for quiet but powerful everyday real stories that highlight our sameness.

Britt Thomas McTammany

Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Britt McTammany is an Emmy-Award winning cinematographer. His career spans more than 30 years as a cinematographer, editor, sound designer, music composer, animator and graphic designer. One of the highlights of Britt's career includes work on the documentary film THE LIFE & TIMES OF BOBBY JONES about the prolific golfer.  Voiced by Sean Connery, it aired annually before The Master’s for more than 10 years. Britt has a lifelong interest in combining technology and artistic expression. Britt is a rare native Floridian.


Jaclyn Cole

Writer, Producer, Actor

Jaclyn Cole is an actor, writer and producer based in Washington DC. Jaclyn has more than 50 independent film credits from all along the East Coast. After studying for a number of years in NYC and auditioning for Anne, Jaclyn insisted they write something together. Inspired by the grief, suffering and trauma held by women most often in private and in solitude, Jaclyn and Anne worked tirelessly together to offer a story that could inspire compassion, empathy and connection. Jaclyn has a zest for connection and people.

Salem Murphy


Salem Murphy is an actress based in New York City. Her most recent credits include NEVER RARELY SOMETIMES ALWAYS, winner at Sundance 2020 and the Silver Bear Grand Prize at the Berlin Festival 2020, FOR LIFE an ABC series and AAFC award for best drama, Netflix's STRANGER THINGS, and Uzma in UZMA THE GREATEST which won best short at the Sun Valley Film Festival. Salem is excited about rich, interesting and emotional stories.

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Kristen Walsh


Kristen Walsh is a Florida based actress, with more than 100 theater credits, her favorite roles include... She currently serves as Marketing Director for Phase Eight Theater Company founded by JeMario Stiles (Juliard). Kristen is fanatic about complex and layered characters.

Cast & Crew: Cast & Crew
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